Au Lait

Designer: Emma Bossons FRSA

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50 High East Street , Dorchester, Dorset DT1 1HU, England. - Tel:- +44 (0) 1305 267110

Moorcroft Pottery Au Lait

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A Pair

Cups and Saucers and Side Plates


Cups h.12 x 12 cm
Saucers 14 x 16 cm.
Side Plates h.20 x w. 23 cm

Price £ 1,260.00

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Biscuit Platter


Size 38 x 20 cm.

Price £ 490.00

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About Au Lait

A new Moorcroft coffee set, designed, shaped and totally created from scratch, by the skilled hands of Emma Bossons FRSA, has now been unveiled. A Moorcroft coffee set designed for the 21st century is now unveiled for the world to see.

Emma's work on her ground-breaking 2012 coffee set has taken three years of trial and tribulation, three long years of failure, perseverance and then the satisfaction of creative success.

The complete set is made up of eleven pieces in all, and it is already said to be among the very finest of pieces of new work of its kind ever to emerge from Moorcroft. Whatever else, it is certainly one of the most creative pieces of modelling and design work ever to have been undertaken by Moorcroft for at least a hundred years.

After proper consideration, Moorcroft decided to call the design on our new coffee set Au Lait. It is not a complicated name or a name which might detract from the fundamental beauty of the white-blossomed design it represents, or from the purpose for which it is to be used.

You should also perhaps know that because of the novel complexity of the shapes and the design, only the very best tubeliners and painters will be used for such an important task.

Au Lait coffee set is an historically important launch for Moorcroft Pottery, so much so that they have registered both the shapes and the design with the appropriate authority to protect all intellectual property rights in one of the finest creations to have emerged from Moorcroft for more than a century.